Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Black people with Muslim names

I happen to be looking at the New Black Panther Party website today.

One of the beliefs or Ideologies of this party is Pan-Africanism.
What Pan-Africanism is basically is a re unification of all peoples who have African Origins (black). White south Africans do not count, i'm sure lol.
This is to bring about one global "family" or community of like minded people who support and nurture each other, without the influences and labels of the European.

I just wonder why is it when black people start to become "aware" and educate themselves on the real history that we were not taught in the public school systems, they (we) always feel the need to take on names that have Arab Origins?
When you become aware, and in a place where you want to be "one" with Momma Africa, you adopt another slavers name, like you are his bastard?

What African books are you NOT reading?, What books are you reading, that doesn't speak about the enslavement of African people by Muslims?

This post is a question to the people who do this. Where are all the African names?
Where is the name we lost, the culture, the history? It was almost all demolished and burned in West Africa, but enough of it survived so that we know who we are.

We are not ARABS. The only Arabs who are considered black, are the ones who were a part of the Eastern Slave trade in Africa. Arabs have been enslaving Africans since these tribes unified under one faith.

I think that some need a re-education on who they think they are and who are they trying to claim as "family".

Would your family rape, plunder, and sell u like a camel?


  1. Muhhamed is a pedophileSaturday, 08 January, 2011

    What you speak of, is by far the minority. This applies more to the 60s generation. Looking back to where and what you came from is a waste of time. The answer will never live up to expectations. This goes for all americans. Finally, blacks are refusing to blame whites for everything and living on hand-outs. They see their so-called civil rights leaders either getting rich by extorting rich whites(Jackson/Sharpton)They also realize that if blacks would ever make it into the mainstream and middle class, exploiters like Jackson,Sharpton and the black panthers. I dont know why you hate jews. These are people who have been victimized for 4000 years. They helped your people get your civil rights more than the black panthers ever dreamed. All they want is to live in their native land in peace. Islam is a cancer that needs to be killed. Dont be so naive. Muslims would kill you and your whole family if they could. WAKE UP!

  2. Muhhamed is a pedo...
    Looking back to where we came from is not a waste of time. Never make the mistakes of the past and never repeat them. Learn from it, is what black history means to the younger generation.

    Black are refusing to blame?. what will this get us? a new start and lease of life, if we get a nice white apology? lol

    We have no civil rights leaders, they were all shot down. Messy Jessy and Sharpton, are just puppets now.

    I dont have a hatred for Jews, but I do not stand for the apartied they are using against Palestine.

    Religion is one thing, people are another. Extreme Islamic Jackasses are also another... I know what a extremists would want to do to me and my family, i'm just writing my opinions :)

    The reason W. B. Dubois left the NAACP is because Jews actually started to run the damn orginization. We have all of our life to praise the jews for everything we have, and dont forget the white man too!... ( when will we as black people take credit for something??) Dubois was right to leave it and wash his hands of it all.

    Jews are not there to live, they are there to kill in a native land,.. where is it written that nobody but Jews occupied that territory?

    If Jews know what it is like to suffer, why do they kill innocent people, because they think that their religious doctrine might kill them?

    If this is so- then Hitler was right to assume the worst about them. :(

  3. Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

    - David


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