Friday, November 26, 2010

Third Rail

Have you ever heard of a third rail? Do you know what third rail means in the area such as Politics? If you do not know what third rail means and you would like a few examples, please let me list a few for you.


1. Israel and the United States ( alliance)

2. Topics and views about Abortion Laws

3. Immigration Laws (either side of the fence, legalizing illegals and granting amnesty)

A third rail is an issue that is so hot, it’s not to be touched by a politician, and would be better off if the citizen's screamed about it and forced laws to change.

A third rail has to be the one thing in American Govt. that will keep this country as a whole in a hole.

If Politicians are not able to sit down and discuss the big issues then what the fuck are you voting people in office to do?


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