Monday, November 26, 2007 - CNN Political Ticker Obama: Yes, I inhaled—that was the point « - CNN Political Ticker Obama: Yes, I inhaled—that was the point «:

"Mitt Romney calls Obama irresponsible for admitting the truth…I respect Obama all the more for it, in fact if it weren't for some issues I have with his GLBT stance, I'd support him more than I do Edwards and Clinton at this point. But I more than support him for VP. Posted By Ginger Lee, Northern Utah : November 25, 2007 3:44 am"

I happened to be reading a blog this morning about some responses Barack Obama made and I really do like reading about Candidates for any office being honest when asked questions about themselves or their past.

This "commenter" sounds like he was someone who voted for Bush and then the son of a BUSH.
"if it weren't for some issues I have with his GLBT stance" How can any stance the GLBT have any affect on who is president and how well they do their job in office. How can this have an affect on you? How can you constantly dwell on what people do behind closed doors 2k miles away. that's all most people who make comments like this are really doing. They for some F#cked up reason cannot see 2 people who are happy, and living, working and have feelings like anybody else. They(homophobes) always tend to bring up what they don't like about this group. Then the Homophobe goes on to add,"But I more than support him for VP." I remember the last election so well, because it was the first time I participated in a Presidential Election.

I can't help but to think about all the news coverage with this same theme. "Voters, Voted on Morality." They didn't care or even stop to think or question what the Chimp had planned for them later. Bush used that "morality" to get what he wanted. "Don't let them all marry, it's better we kill some babies overseas and God will love us." ( that's how this country was thinking) Now all of a sudden the President is not in good standing with the American people and he is not liked by the majority, boohoo they don't think he is doing a good job. You voted and off to go your kid to DIE for OIL. I feel for the people who didn't vote for this bitch, but for the ones who did and your child died for it, you were partly responsible.

I remember before the 2004 Election there was an article with the KKK and a African American Preacher/Minister standing together for Bush! The Af-American Sellout was saying how he would stand with the KKK on the Gay Issue. I never thought in my life I would see some Black man standing with the KKK. He admits he would "ride" with the KKK.
after that "ride" his ass would be swinging in a tree in the deep south too.
Lot's of Black ministers out there would stand side by side with the KKK in their monkey suits and while the KKK were tying the nooses for the drag a -Negro fest. I would just look on.

A good friend of mine from Texas sent me an audio clip a few years back and I don't have that file any longer, but it was a minister in a sermon on Sunday preaching about gays as usual. Then he goes on to say that Lesbians are the cause for the madness in the black community. It's the Lesbians that are making these black men not take care of their children, walk out, kill each other etc....?? We have allot of Issues we need to work on and work out, but lesbians are not at fault for what he obviously had no answer for.
T.D Jakes is another one of those haters. He has allot of good to say, but the way my eyes and mind and heart see him, is not a man of God, he is a business man first. a list of Black Homophobic Preachers :T.D. Jakes, Eddie Long, Willie Wilson, Noel Jones, Gregory Daniels, Paul Morton, Charles Blake and Creflo Dollar. < I like that name Dollar

I have made comments about Al Sharpton's hair, but the man does speak about REAL issues. He is in support of Gay rights for everyone. "Sharpton accused some Black preachers of using their pulpits to diminish the humanity of some rather than celebrate the humanity of all" The Black Voice News

Seems like the 2008 elections will be put right back into that same " i don't like the gay people" bullshit. The Uncle Tom's and House Negroes will be out and voting down anyone who is for Gay Rights that's a promise.

For the Bush supporters- you are taking it straight in the ass from the entire Bush Clan. 80000D (_0_) Don't you get tired of the lies? Please use your brain next Election and clear your thoughts of SEX before you vote.

I went all over the place on this post and will continue to speak openly about it on my next post here. There are so many things about this Topic I have to say....


  1. man what can any black ma do in amerikkka. nice spot chk me out sometime

  2. You might be interested in reading my post about Barack Obama I made way back in May of this year...

  3. I've seen you in BC a lot and wanted to check out your blog. You definitely have strong opinions (not a bad thing) and I happen to think the same way you do about Bush.

  4. wow* U tell it like it is Girl!!

    Rock On!!

    America definitely needs More Folks like U who can Think!! + aren't afraid to Speak Up about the Bullshit goin' down in America*

    Bush + his Brainwashed Flock have gotta go!!

    I am all for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or Both! ABB Anybody but Bush!! That pompous arrogant asshole idiot can burn in Hell*



  5. I think Obama would look good swinging from a tree... All you damn liberals can go straight to hell!

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