Sunday, November 25, 2007

British - The International Coalition for British Reparations

British - The International Coalition for British Reparations: "Yes. Any student of world history will tell you that if he had to pick a single nation to pin all the world's troubles on, Britain is far and away the obvious choice. There is plenty of precedent of countries paying off their victims in cash. The Nazis had to pay off the Jews. The U.S. government has settled with many Indian tribes, offering them land, lucrative casino rights, and in some cases, cash. We, the International Coalition for British Reparations, are asking that the greatest criminal nation on earth—the British—pay up as well."

I couldn't help posting this webpage. I am up to my ears in how much the USA and the Citizens are so evil. I think they have forgotten how the civil wars in Africa all came about. Who really controls the Blood Diamonds in Africa? if it was all for the people (Africans) why are they dying? Have you ever seen a soldier in Africa, they look like farmers to me and some of them are fighting in shoes we would wear on a beach!

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