Friday, April 25, 2008

Growth and Maturity. My Own thoughts about the Self

The title of this post may be confusing for some, but what I mean -is it possible for some to mature and become more knowledgeable when you are the target of hatred? Maybe this post is just me thinking out loud?

For 12 years I have been going through a learning process about the Universe, Society, my own purpose here and about Religon.

I have also learned more about who I am, and I had to try and erase what society made me believe my whole life.

From a young age an African American child's self esteem can become "twisted" no matter what economic background they may come from.

In my opinion and other's I am assuming that at a younger age African American children have to build and work harder on their own idenity and self worth.

In America We (non european) are bombarded with images ,etc.. that anything African is just bad or not as good as anothers culture. Even though at one time in history another culture could have been almost exterminated and ripped apart by the Bristish Empire's expansion, that culture ( example " Native American or First Nations) was still looked upon as being"better "than anything from a Black Africans Culture. This could be why it's so easy for so many people to claim Indian Ancestry? I'm not saying that many many African Americans do not have native ancestry, because many of us do in fact have more than one or 2 nations within us. I am just saying they will recognize the "Indian " part of them and say little ,if anything about the West African in them. Not even acknowledge it, only saying I am black and..... . What is BLACK?

Southern India is Black, have you seen these people ???

Again I am just thinking out loud right now...

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  1. Southern India...lolol true. My point is start facing the truth about racism it exists. And people in this country that say it doesn't are blind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your blog with me.


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