Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How to get off of Welfare?

Article on how to get off welfare assistance

I think both comments are "dumb"
First when you are on welfare, you have to report your income- when you report your income, the welfare is reduced and you are working like you are still on welfare ( there is no money to save after paying bills, unless its only a few dollars and it will take years before you can get off welfare"

second, when you have no transportation, getting to a job is hard, unless you have a bus line in your town or city.

third, if you are deep in the system, you will have to work for cash only to save up the money and then after schooling and training, get off welfare... just finding a burger flippin job is not enough. Welfare is like a wheel, it's hard to jump off and when you do, it wont feel good, but it doesn't feel good on it either.

Final, stay off the system by all means. By saving up money every week. just in case something comes up like a broken down vehicle and lost of wages - like a lost job.

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