Saturday, June 07, 2008

Atlas Shrugs

I used to like this blog, when I was "sheepish and blind." Atlas Shrugs and the other " I support Israel" blogger's now are just not interesting anymore. This is an older post back in March of this year, but I fell away from reading it  regular before that.

Maybe I was "on their side", because of my intolerance to Islam?

So far I just cannot tolerate Blogger's who like to Bash anyone who is not WHITE or JEWISH.  All of these Blogger's who are slapping the Israel Support stickers on their blogs seem to all be bigots.

I know not all of them are, but I'm still looking for some that are not. smile_yawn


My most recent comment on Atlas Shrugs, under the Post Titled:

Obama Endorsements:
Farrakhan Check!
Black Panther Party Check!
Bombmaking Revolutionaries Check!

There should be a law against anyone who has nationality, race ,group, gender and religion associated with the white house.

The way I see this is that America made a choice who they wanted in the White House.

It would be nice to see Obama and Clinton running this country together as a team. For once race would be up on the table where people can talk about it instead of always running to hide when the topic comes up.

His (Obama) mother was a Caucasian.

"Obama's introduction to Islam came via his father, and this influence was temporary at best."

He hardly knew the man, and he carry his name because he is his father's child.

I made a huge mistake when I assumed Blogger's who carried the " I support Israel"
Banners actually were race and color blind.

I see so many of them online and laugh because they support their DNA.
Not a cause, but their RACE.

I have been accused of calling Muslims terrible things, but I don't support anyone who is milking the country

When you see a group of dark skinned Americans supporting Obama, know that they wont be the ones rushing to kill babies in a costly, pointless war.

God forbid we actually site and talk out the issues we have among this divided Amerikkka.

Posted by: Zawadi | Saturday, June 07, 2008 at 04:13 AM




The site is written by an all Jewish Descent Cast. Cool, but these folks can't say shit good about any darker skin person unless they are bashing Islam.   FFS!!!!




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