Saturday, September 27, 2008

I am the Black Infidel

gxlOcM9ftOXdTyxJJQBHj_p4fQxPrPKXCFuhUeezoSTlDD2eQyMjnCTkG4u4UnJe I do not stand with Muslims, Israel or America.

You can't get any lonelier than that lol. I am not paranoid but see so much wrong and hatred in all 3. F*** this S**t. I am saying this holding up my middle finger.

While I do this I wonder If I will ever truly be Buddhist. I do not believe being angry is a "sin"-I do believe it's how you react and what you do with it that truly makes a person evil. I write when I am upset and I make blogs like this lol.

I see all three nations as I listed as being WRONG! Imagine 3 crabs in a bucket barrel (greasy slick oily crabs) nasty , just nasty...

1. USA Pretends to like Muslims. Blames anyone and everyone for crimes the U.S commits. While dumb fat Americans believe USA is always right.

2. Radical and so called Moderate Muslims hate all who is not Muslims.

3. Israel believes they are the Chosen ones. While spying on America.

I'm the person who would end up sleeping with fish right after telling all 3 to kiss my azz. See I write anti Islamic, USA and Israel on this blog because I don't believe one is better than the other.

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  1. Interesting perspective and I agree with you not one is better then the other...It kills me how most if not all organized religions believe themselves to be so righteous including good ol US of A...Most of America things they are saints and wonder how anything wrong could happen to them as if!...I have a saying:

    America is a great country ruled by terrible men.

    My other saying is:

    Only Ego believes in right or wrong...spirit believes in acceptance and understanding.



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