Thursday, September 04, 2008

Conspiracy Theorists are NOT Crazy

A conspiracy theory is a belief that the official report on a major event is inaccurate or blatantly false in order to cover up an unattractive occurrence.
I personally believe that some people , for example David Icke is using this for his own personal gain. Basically to make him more money.
I remember watching a documentary once featuring A. Jones and I can recall Alex Jones stating that, "Icke took a crap in the Punch Bowl". What he was referring to was how hard it is for the majority of Americans and other nations to believe people like him and then Icke comes along and with his Lizard-Reptile race and made the Term Conspiracy a bad word.

Icke, is not all wrong in some of the things he says about the Government and the Bilderbergs, etc... but he is out of his mind as soon as he says Reptiles and then I want to turn off the Video !

Unless I see some Pictures and some Scientific DNA proof. I will be a skeptic of Icke.

Conspiracy Theorists, don't believe all the HYPE!!!

The Facts Vs. What the Media Published

C O N S P I R A C Y F A C T v s G O V T

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  1. It's all about questioning what we are presented, sadly that seems to frowned upon these days.


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