Friday, May 16, 2008

Why I call myself,”Infidel”?

Not only do I call myself "infidel", but the Black Infidel to boot!

Well I personally think it sounds great together and most importantly I stand apart from allot of the other "infidel" bloggers.

I got tired of seeing all the "I support Israel" banners and not enough bloggers with real opinions of their own, but sites that look like it was made from the other sites in their Blogroll with the same news about Killings and Bombings in the Middle East. News is good to write about, but what you think about it, is even better.

Do some people even know why they support Israel? Do they support Israel simply because Muslims hate Jews? Or is it because another Infidel site with more traffic support Israel, so maybe they better do it too? You know you have to blend in or you will stick out. I have a different opinions and for God's sake original thoughts. Forgive me for not being a Sheep.

I typed in the search engine why do you support Israel; this is what I found on the first try.

Some may ask why I don't support Israel. My response would be "ummm". Islam is not changing and still supports slavery on the African Continent, so yea I don't like it. Killing girls and women, because they are raped is not good either. Killing people because they refuse to serve the God you serve is not kool with me either.

My thoughts on Israel are that they should not be supported by the USA tax Dollars that is needed within the U.S.

I also believe if the U.S didn't support Israel there would be a genocide taking place there by Muslims. This is a catch 22 for me also.

I have to also ask myself "why the Freak is Israel spying on the U.S."? (That's a whole other topic)

I do not support the U.S always running to the Aid of people who don't want our Military there.

Why couldn't the U.S run to the aid of Darfur?

I read allot of the bloggers who are Anti-Islam, but is that a good reason to just slap on a "I support blah,blah"?

What are the real reasons?

I have always been a supporter of Freedom of Speech for Denmark since the Danish Paper; Jyllands-Posten on September 30, 2005 printed the Islamic Cartoons. I have changed the template on this blog so many times I lost count. OCD is in full effect!! But I try to remember to put the little picture back on my blog for others to see, that I too support Denmark.

I don't care what anyone says, the cartoons were amusing. I assume other people found it amusing since the cartoons were reprinted in 50+ Countries. There are lots and lots of Infidels out there.

I guess to sum it all up is to say I call myself an infidel, because I believe in the freedom of speech for all.



  1. I get called an Infidel all the time, normally when someone is stating that I will soon face Hell.

    I don't believe in Christianity or any other organized religion. I have a hard time finding that the Koran or the Bible hasn't been stepped trampled edited etc. by man.

    nice blog.

  2. waiting for next post


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