Tuesday, October 02, 2007

African Americans : Without a Name and God are Doomed.

I often wonder why African Americans choose Islam as an alternative to learning about the God(s) of their(my) forefathers. One of the God(s) is the same God of the Holy Bible, and also the same God of Judaism.

The God of Christianity and Judaism is the same God worshiped different. The God of Islam is something that is based on nothing, but one mans beliefs about how the World should be.

I know about the Christian evil doers who blessed ships to rape and destroy Africa. I know about the Arabs who conquered and spread their beliefs and enslavement in Africa.

It's like" trading one Slave Master for another". Which I have heard this statement said before and only after I thought about it, I actually read this Article this morning.
I have made this statement countless numbers of times in my head.

Sometimes I wonder if African Americans even care about the history between Arabs and Africans, and do the majority even know about the History? As we get older we learn about how We got to North America, and so on. We learn about even the enslaved Africans who were Muslims in the Atlantic Slave Trade.
Don't stop there!
Why not learn about how they became Muslim and the History between Africa and the Middle East.?
I'm no scholar, but from what I have read and one Documentary I have seen, it actually made me sick.
Wonders Of The African World With Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (1999)
This can be purchased off on Amazon.com or you also may find it in your public library.

Black Africans ( East Africans) Denying they are Africans at all, but Arabs. (Arabs ancestry is more "acceptable" than African). They sandblast themselves into believing that one is better than the other, just like some brainwashed slaves believed.

I have Ancestors who were not all Africans, does that mean I'm not Black? duhhh
I don't look French or Native American, but I bet I can trace my DNA in these areas. That's just part of the Africans Story.

I just think that more Africans and African Americans need to take a clooser look at who they are and accept with pride the accomplishments made in spite of the persecutions.

We cannot change the past, but we can honor and respect the ones who lived and survived during a time when dying would have been a better alternative. They survived and we are here because of this.

Stop accepting one slave master for another...

note: I am never done with this topic.


  1. Hi Z.!

    You write:

    'The God of Islam is something that is based on nothing, but one mans beliefs about how the World should be.'

    Well you know I'm this Pope-Blogger.

    Concerning Islam, so similar to (for example) Catholicism or Christianity, there are all these different expressions of faith leading to violence, church or moshee buildings (culture) and sometimes to a deeper mystical relationship out of love to an universal creator (seeking the impression of god).

    From this here mentioned viewpoint 'out of love' is coming a friendly relationship also between the followers or 'mystic seers' of these three religions (christian, jewish, moslem), because in their hearts desire to get closer to god, they come closer to each other.
    So forgive me, I have to defend Islam somehow.

    You write:

    'trading one Slave Master for another'.
    Yes, guess thats a hard thing to escape.

    Your post is very complex. I do really like it. I'm german (austrian native) speaker so please forgive my poor expression. But I'm learning.

  2. Trading one slave master for another can really stand for any religion, depending on a person's viewpoint.


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